Capsule Cable Beanie – Knitting Pattern #2

Capsule Cable Beanie Knitting Pattern

Classic cable knit beanie to snuggle up in the coming cold seasons.


5.5 mm circular needles
Medium worsted-weight yarn
Tapestry Needle
Stitch marker*
Temporary needle to hold stitches
Clover pom-pom maker

* If you don’t have a stitch marker, cut a piece of different-colored yarn and tie it into a loop. (You will use it as a stitch marker for the beginning of each row to keep track of your work.)

Notation Legend

k#knit # of stitches in a row
p#purl # of stitches in a row
(#)# of stitches in the row as a result
s#slip # of stitches
k2togknit 2 stitches together
p2togpurl 2 stitches together

Pattern instructions

The beanie is knit circularly from the bottom up, knit-side out.


Cast 72 stitches onto your knitting cable and slip on the stitch marker (72)

18 rows *k2 p2* and repeat (72)


How to do a cable knit crossover

Slip 3 stitches on temp needle in front, and knit the next 3 stitches.
Then knit the 3 stitches on the temp needle.
This is what the cable knit crossover should look like.

Now we start the body of the beanie which involves cable knitting.

  1. 5 rows *k2 p2 k6 p2* and repeat (72)
  2. 1 row *k2 p2, crossover* and repeat (72)

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for 5 times (total 30 rows, 72 stitches in a row)

Decreasing the top of the beanie

1 row *k2 p2 k2tog k2tog k2tog p2* and repeat (54)
4 rows *k2 p2 k3 p2* and repeat (54)
1 row *k2 p2tog k2tog k1 k2tog p2tog* and repeat (42)

Cut the yarn with 8 inch allowance and thread tapestry needle through the stitches from the knitting needle. Pull to close. The remaining yarn allowance will be used to sew the pom pom to the top of the beanie.

Pom pom

Wrap yarn around both pieces of the arms.
Pull the tool apart to get the pom-pom out.
Cut the yarn along the mid-line.
Trim until evenly spherical.
Take a piece of yarn and tie a tight knot around the mid-section of the pom.
Sew the pom-pom onto the beanie using the yarn allowance left over.



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