“You are lost in your life. Why are you lost? You are lost because you are trying to choose freedom…”

– Ichiro Kishimi, The Courage to be Disliked

I had recently been faced with questions regarding why I chose to quit my job, a perfectly well-paying, respectful job as an engineer, as an underrepresented woman, as someone my parents could brag to their friends about.

I chose not to justify it to anyone.

You don’t either. You are on a path in which you are not afraid of being disliked by others. You are not living anyone else’s life. This path is yours alone.

Life generally has no meaning, but you are the only one who can assign meaning to your life.

I keep to my guiding North Star: “I contribute to others”. I live in each moment completely, like in a dance. There is no competition, no destination. I just keep dancing, and eventually, I will get somewhere.

My power is boundless. If I can change, so can the world.


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