Creating empty space

I’ve recently been feeling fatigued regularly this month. There’s been a lot of traveling for work, socializing with visiting family and friends, consuming content, and producing content (in this blog) happening. It almost feels like I haven’t had a moment to really breathe.

It’s often recommended to charge your battery up to 90% in order to preserve the working battery lifetime. But I feel like I’ve been pumped to full battery life and still plugged in, and it’s made it very difficult for me to consistently be productive.

I’m consuming so much content from my travels, job interviews, and an abundance of digital content that it’s been overwhelming. I’m starting to turn over the same thoughts as I talk to people, unable to make sense of it all and losing my focus.

If all I do is consume content, especially the same content, I’ll never let my brain have a chance to process anything. I need to start incorporating empty space more sporadically throughout my days and weeks. I need to engage in more activities that encourage me to clear and expand my headspace, whether it be walking my dog, meditating on the couch, or putting in a gym session.

The empty space will beget clarity.


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