Move your thinking body

When people find out I’m a software engineer, they imagine that all I do is sit in front of a computer all day. But I actually use a lot of physical movement to break up my flow states to be able to context switch between different core tasks throughout the day. My mind is much more easily led by physical cues so why not decrease the amount of metacognition my brain needs to manage my work load?

Sometimes this means pacing while flushing out a problem.
Sometimes this means taking a walk outside to get out of a writing block.
Sometimes this means taking a dance break to loosen up my body after many hours leaning into the screen.

I also use different mediums and means to get into a good brain flow.

I take notes on physical paper for that tactile satisfaction.
I play around with sticky note arrangements on my wall.
I tap away on the keyboard for a poetic flow of words.
I verbalize a stream of consciousness to then go back and highlight my best ideas.

When you are working on something new, you stumble around to find something to latch onto, in a tumble of fits and starts, turning back and forth in circles on yourself.

But eventually, as you get into the rhythm with your mind and body, the amorphous idea takes shape- it clicks- and you find your way.


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