Let’s start something?

Every now and then, someone would reach out to me once in a while to catch up on life. We’d meet up for lunch or video call and catch up on old relationships, growing interests, new career developments…

At some point in the conversation, they off-handedly suggest, “We should start something together.”

I never take it seriously. When people ask “What business should I build?”, I know they aren’t really serious about entrepreneurship. It serves the premise that the first problem has to be an idea that’s good enough for them to be willing to invest any time into even thinking about it.

The best entrepreneurs are obsessed. Entrepreneurs are curious, pragmatic, and visionary. They don’t ask others what they should work on- they hypothesize, experiment, test, and come to a conclusion that they can then build a new hypothesis on top of. Some effort is wasted, others are rewarded. Nevertheless, they continue to rinse and repeat.

No entrepreneur is stuck on that first problem.


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