Trying something new

In the past three months, I have been learning A LOT. I quit my job. I’ve completely pivoted from the corporate world to learning new web technologies on-the-go to experiment in my little corner of the changing Internet. I started building up my UX and frontend development chops (revisiting an old flame), deploying small dapps with Ethereum smart contracts and Solana programs (engaging with a new flame), and consulting with creators to take the “tech struggle” out of their online hustle with simple no-code tools and done-together training (understanding needs to stoke my flames).

In the midst of all that- I’ve been writing about career change and figuring out my personal monopoly on my blog. Since this is still a transitional period, my priorities change on a biweekly basis. It’s a “ride the waves” kind of learning flow state.

When I get excited about something, I ride that stroke of inspiration for as long as I can.

I read about it. I learn about it. I practice it. I take notes on it. I talk about it. I hypothesize about it. I arrange and rearrange my thoughts on it. I make connections with it. I tinker with it. I practice with it. I take more notes on it. I run a dialogue about it. I figure out what I can do with it.

Thankfully, I’m able to find ways to marry my main interests around ethical technology and user-centric design. Along the same default lines of these interests, I’m revisiting fashion and textiles. In my personal interest to build a sustainable fashion brand online, I’m realizing that there is much of the process- from clothing design to supply chain to UX branding- that could seriously use modernization. Similarly, in growing my knowledge of modern tech stacks, I expect much evolution in this space with the development of blockchain and smarter no-code tools in the web3 space.

In the coming weeks, I’m venturing into these spaces in my writing.


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  1. Whoa, lots of things you’re doing here at once. Looks like it’s a great thing you chose to leave your job. Wishing you all the best!


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