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Trying something new

In the past three months, I have been learning A LOT. I quit my job. I’ve completely pivoted from the corporate world to learning new web technologies on-the-go to experiment in my little corner of the changing Internet. I started building up my UX and frontend development chops (revisiting an old flame), deploying small dapps…

Are you bored and messing up a lot?

You’re probably not working on anything you care about. You’re probably not using your strengths. And you are probably disillusioned by the idea of “the pursuit of happiness”.

Where to next?

It seems like I know.


Shut up and wait.

Write through it

Writing is a practice that allows you to walk past the floodgates of fear and illuminates the chaos beyond- the chaos of curious thoughts left unexplored.

Smart people

The best bet is attracting the right kind of smart people for your business.

Year of Selective Yes

Say no to things that don’t challenge you and say yes to the few remaining that pique your interest.


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