Hi, I’m Karen.

I code in web3 and 3d,
make knitwear,
and write about them.

Connect with me about

Currently building web tools for creatives.

Working on moving this WordPress site to a personally developed space for my second brain and setting it up to better showcase my work. Apologies if anything starts disappearing or acting weird. Bear with me during this transitional period.

In the past
I designed websites for indie e-commerce businesses,
modeled open data initiatives for the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office,
developed central-place foraging robot swarms for Mars with NASA,
built anomaly detection pipelines at Northrop Grumman,
wrote brain imaging research at Huntington Medical Research Institutes,
and turned ebooks into audiobook experiences at Amazon.

I currently write

about finding your personal monopoly. I primarily reimagine effective systems of (un)learning, experimenting, creating sustainable and ethical change, and rediscovering your creativity.

My interests vary across ethical technology and design, reimagining the education system, web3 and the metaverse, creative coding and generative art, and bespoke knitwear and textiles.

If you’re interested in my ruminations on textiles, I’m working on a weekly newsletter!

Thanks for stopping by!